Dear White America, long hair isn’t exclusive to you. Yes, I know this may be a shock to you but you’re not the only race who has long hair.

Black women are criticized for our hair in society and within the black community. White beauty standards have been sold to everyone in American society so I see can why anyone would relate long hair to white women.

Wake up please everyone one for goodness sake, Asian women, Indian women, Latino women, Mexican women, and Women of Color can all have naturally long hair. This notion that we have stolen long blond hair from white women is laughable.

Almost every black “woke” women loves this quote from Lauryn Hill, “Look at where you be in, hair weaves like Europeans, fake nails done by Koreans, come again.” All hail to Queen Lauryn, but we really have to let go of this thought that long blonde hair on a black woman means that she trying to be white. That is one of the most powerful tools of white supremacy, painting these pictures that they somehow “created” something and now we’re trying to embody them if we do it. This leads to an internal battle within our race of who is more black and who is trying to be “white”.

Black people can have blonde hair, it’s totally a genetic trait, nothing exclusive to whiteness. And before you ask no, the trait does not come from someone of European decent. Blonde hair in people of color simply means they have a different gene for pigmentation because of one protein, “What the scientists discovered was pretty phenomenal – the two groups possessed very different versions of a crucial gene, TYRP1, which coded for a protein involved in pigmentation. Just switching one letter of the genetic code (a ‘T’ instead of a ‘C’), marked the difference between dark hair and blond hair”.

Also, let’s be real the bundles that sisters are wearing  aren’t the actual hair of white women. Women of color wear your hair the way you want to wear it rather it’s an afro or in twenty-six inch blond bundles. Long blonde bundles don’t make you less black and a black afro doesn’t mean you are more “woke” than your sister with the blonde weave. And to Mr. Twitter fingers, in the words of Solange, “Don’t touch my hair”.