Society has outcast the transgender community, making the need of basic human rights a question if a person decides to not identify with the gender they were given at birth.

According to the, a Transgender by definition is a person whose gender identity is different from what they were thought to be at birth. A transgender woman is a person who was labeled a male at birth and a transgender man is a person who was labeled a woman at birth.

Genderqueer is another part of the Transgender community, and they do not claim to be a man or a woman, but they feel they are a combination of both man and woman.

In the past fifteen years transgender issues have furthered its ties into politics by laws being approved or not approved to help or hurt the community.

America has taken this very simple definition and twisted it into a sick narrative. A narrative that transgender people are harmful to children, they do not deserve to eat in the same restaurants with “normal” people, they do not deserve the same healthcare, the infamous bathroom issue, or the ever-present issue of violence towards transgender people

Former Indiana Governor Mike Pence, future Vice President of the United States, pushed to pass a law that allows restaurants in the state of Indiana to reject Transgender people and or Gay people based off of their religious preference.

The North Carolina House Bill 2 opened the door to open discrimination and showed the state’s open bigotry. The Bill does not allow transgender people to use the bathroom they identify with unless it is on their birth certificate.

Americans are being told that their children will be at risk if Transgenders use the same bathroom as them. Someone started this narrative that Transgender people will molest children in the bathroom and people have taken this sorry excuse and ran with it. When you are using public restrooms, you could possibly be using the bathroom with a child molester, a psychopath a murderer, and the list could go on. Seriously how would you know the capabilities of the person next to you in a bathroom? Lastly, what responsible parent lets their child go to a public bathroom unattended?

Jynessa Sampson of Florida said, I see no reason that someone who identifies as a certain gender should be denied usage of the restroom with which they identify. An inability to understand such a conflict could only mean: the person is cis-gendered and is not meant

to understand and/or they are ignorant and choose to remain complacent to their struggle.”

In my middle school I remember a gay boy being beat soulless because he was gay and using the boy’s bathroom. This boy was not a transgender woman and he was beat for liking boys and carrying a purse. Something that had nothing to do with those young men in the bathroom. He was not bothering them, he was simply using the bathroom.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 banned discrimination for any healthcare that was connected to federal funds. Unfortunately healthcare companies have found ways to go around this by having discriminating exclusions for transgender related healthcare. Some transgender people cannot afford insurance because jobs are discriminatory towards them, meaning they do not have jobs to pay for insurance.

The Atlantic Magazine covered when the largest insurer in Maryland, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield extended its coverage to transgender clients. It removed previous language from its polices that said, “treatment leading to or in connection with transsexualism, or sex changes or modifications, including but not limited to surgery.”

The Transgender community faces an enormous amount of violence towards them. Popular culture creates these unrealistic stereotypes of transgender people, that makes society think they have the right to treat transgender people violent. featured an article about the police failing to protect members of the African-American LBGT community when it comes to domestic violence. The article pointed out that, police are thirty times more likely to arrest the survivor of domestic violence as well as the perpetrator in same-sex disputes, compared to disputes that involve male perpetrator and a female victim

The Jerry Springer show is a part of popular culture that has been consumed by Americans for the past twenty-five years. When transgender women or men appear on the show, they are never painted in a great light. They are typically there to tell a sexual partner they were really born a man or woman. It turns violent on the transgender woman or man when they tell their partner what gender they were given at birth. 

Men take personal offense to transgender woman when they find out she was given the gender identity of a man at birth. The show also paints transgender people as liars who only care about themselves. In reality those transgender people do not represent all transgender people.

The Jerry Springer Show paints this picture that it is okay to fight someone because they are transgender.

Your religious preference does not have thing to do with the basic rights of human beings. Who gave any of us the right to decide how a person feels about their gender. Ignorance has grown into a hate, a nasty hate that has driven people to kill themselves.

Transgender people are not personal punching bags for the hate of the world, and their rights cannot be ignored.

It is possible for you to support the basic rights of human beings and still have your personal beliefs. You see when we allow these lawmakers or shows to paint negative images of the LGBT community, we are taking their voice out of the greater public sphere.

As a community of color, we have not allowed people of the LGBT community to have a voice in the black public sphere. The black community will ignore a child molester in our family, but send someone to hell for being gay, bi-sexual,or transgender.