Part 2 of the Netflix Series, The Get Down, stirs up mixed reviews over sexuality.

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    Upcoming Events BlackBuster: The Get Down Episodes | NM Black …


  2. Part two of The Get Down streamed to homes last Friday on Netflix and a few people were not feeling it. Some viewers did not like one of the male characters sharing a connection with another male. From the tweets, you would think that cisgender heterosexual black men owned or created hip hop by themselves. It is bad enough that The Get Down does not include any black female disc jockeys, graffiti artists, MCs, or breakdancers. At least they attempted to touch on black male sexuality, but from the tweets you can see the discomfort that black men continuously have with their sexuality.
  3. April 11, 2017


  4. Christina Aguilera -Telepathy (Scene from The Get Down)


  5. WTF is going on with character?! Weird. Plain weird.




  8. The idea of a black boy being gay on a show is considered a “gay agenda”. There are too many black boys in our community who are shunned from admitting who they truly are, which is a gay boy. This is not a lifestyle that they have picked, this is who they are and nothing is wrong with that. These tweets show the age old homophobia that is still present in hip hop. There is this strong notion that if you are a gay black man, then you are not hip hop. Hip hop is not exclusive to cisgender heterosexual black men and it has never been.